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The Granite Countertop Story

Your Price Isn’t Necessarily Too High, Part 2

I recently had my kitchen partially remodeled.  I sought someone to install granite countertops to match the remainder of the kitchen.  I was referred to a local supplier who is fast, clean, did great work, and (this is important) had the exact granite in stock.  My kitchen remodel was already way behind schedule (never happens, right?), and I wanted someone who could bring the countertop in ASAP and get this remodel done fast.  Price was not my key buying criteria.  The supplier came to measure the space and quoted me $1400.  I said, “ok, that’s a little more than I was expecting.”  That’s all I said.  It was true, but I also would have been absolutely fine paying $1400.

Inside of 30 seconds, he threw in a free stove cutout, free bullnose finish, free this and that, and the price was dropped to $1000.  Did I tell him that I would have paid $1400?  No, I very happily accepted this unexpected discount and paid $1000.  He drove back to his shop that day making $400 less profit on the job.  Even worse than that?  I am yet another example of “all the customers” telling him his prices are “always” too high.

Has anyone ever offered you a surprisingly low price or a discount you didn’t ask for?  I bet most of us have had this experience.  I bet some of your customers have had that experience when buying from you.