Greg Strosaker

Pricing Strategy Consultant

Meet Greg

specialist in the fusion of pricing and marketing

Greg has a passion for finding opportunities to leverage marketing messages to drive pricing strategies, processes, and decisions to deliver growth to the top and bottom lines of small to mid-sized B2B firms.

Greg has decades of experience at executive and director levels in product management and marketing, with accompanying pricing responsibilities, spanning product and service offerings.  He brings a variety of frameworks and tools to bear in helping to set pricing approaches, communicate value to customers, and drive improvements to profitability.  As a certified executive coach, Greg approaches pricing consultation roles from the perspective of helping clients grow their own capabilities so they can compound their future success and realize massive returns on their investment in working with Boost Pricing.

Greg holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.  He lives in Solon, Ohio with his wife, three sons, and a beagle.  He is also an avid runner and past marathon winner and running coach.