Boost delivers results.

We’re serious about delivering a massive return on your investment.
In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll return 100% of our fee.
We’ve never been asked for a refund. Ever.

Hear what our clients have to say.

We expect that we will realize more than $3.5M in profit improvement.

Shawn Toney, President
LSI Lighting Solutions

We are seeing incredible uptick in bottom line performance.

Nick Meter, Director
Tangram Interiors

We were able to successfully increase our pricing by 50%.

Software Company

The Boost program was a major turning point in our profitability.

David Bishop, CEO
Matrix Technologies

Can we help you?

If customers tell you your prices are too high, if they say they can get the same thing for less, if they tell you you have to “sharpen your pencil” to win the deal, we can help you. Our work applies to all industries because effective pricing execution is necessary whether you sell:

Goods or services


Prices from one penny to $100B

Boost is best positioned to help business owners and sales teams with pricing discretion and discounting authority.

some of the industries we’ve served

Wholesale & Distribution
Professional Services
Marketing, Recruiting & Outplacement, Fee Recovery, Design, Consulting, PR, etc.
Software & IT
Including SaaS, Managed Services, and Custom Development
Office Furniture
Sports & Recreation
Building Products
Logistics & Transportation
Includes Packaging and Warehousing
Systems Integration & Automation
Non-Profit Organizations
Industry Councils & Trade Associations
Training & Assessment
Events, Banquets, & Tradeshow
Senior Care
Garment & Fashion
Financial Services & Insurance
Food & Grocery
Lawn & Garden
Emergency, Safety, & Disaster