If you are excellent at what you do,
you should be paid like you are excellent.

Not like you are good. Not like you are average. Not like you are mediocre.

But a lack of confidence in pricing power holds many businesses back from what’s possible.

Change your Business by changing the way you think about price and value.

Be fearless about price increases

Get paid what you’re worth

Increase profitability fast

What we do

that wow

Your team has never experienced a workshop like this. Packed with interactive exercises, thought-provoking analysis and practical, applicable ways to shift pricing paradigms to radically boost profitability, Boost workshops are truly transformative.

Speaking Engagements
With a Sizzle

Whether speaking to a small group of executive leaders or presenting a keynote address to a large conference, our talks on strategic pricing are full of real-world practicality, laugh-out-loud humor and audience-grabbing dramatic effect. A speaking engagement with Boost is a captivating conversation that will change the way audience members see pricing and value.

Real Results

We’re serious about delivering a massive return on your investment. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll return 100% of our fee. We’ve never been asked for a refund. Ever.


Pricing geeks with a passion for people

Pricing is mission-driven work at Boost. Our passion for pricing is matched only by our passion for people who strive for excellence every day. Let us help you get paid well for your excellence.

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