If you are excellent at what you do,
you should be paid like you are excellent.

What makes us tick?

Accepting mediocre pay for excellent work is unjust. It robs you of resources that you could deploy inside your organization to grow, innovate, add new lines of business, open new facilities, buy more equipment, hire more people, and pay yourselves and your people better.

What would be possible inside your organization if you didn’t accept mediocre pay for excellent work?

What would be possible for your employees & their families who depend on those paychecks?

Who We Are

Pricing geeks with a passion for people

Our passion for pricing is matched only by our passion for people who strive for excellence every day. Let us help you get paid well for your excellence.

Casey Brown
Doug Butdorf
Senior Pricing Consultant
Jeff Cramer
Operations Manager
Natasha Hemmingway
Pricing Coach
Kate Norton
Pricing Coach
Pam Rodefer
Pricing Coach

Changing the world,
one price at a time.

We aim to live our values through philanthropy and volunteerism. Boost supports the following organizations:


Performs cleft lip and palate repair surgeries around the world. Learn More

Provides life-changing outdoor adventures for cancer survivors. Learn More

Builds wells and sanitation systems at schools in Africa. Learn More

Serves refugees in Central Ohio. Learn More