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Casey Brown Featured on

Casey Brown, President of Precision Pricing, delivered a TEDx talk in Columbus, Ohio in May, 2015. Her talk will be the featured talk on on Monday, April 3, 2017.  The talk can be found here:  Know your worth, and then ask for it.

In addition to being featured on the home page of‘s main site, it will also be posted to TED’s Facebook page (9.7M fans), their Twitter feed (9M followers), their YouTube channel (5M subscribers), their Saturday newsletter (1.6M subscribers), and their daily newsletter (870K subscribers).

Defining your value and clearly communicating that to your customers is the key to being paid well for your excellence. Plan to visit on Monday to view this important talk.

One response to “Casey Brown Featured on

  1. I just came across your TED talk… As a designer and manufacturer of very specialised aviation stuff I’ve fallen into EVERY ONE of the traps you cover! The difference is, after watching you talk with confidence about having made the same mistakes and what to do about them, I don’t quite feel as stupid any more! We actually agree on every value-based aspect of doing business, and I’ve felt the ‘fear’ all too often. Our product is superior (thank goodness – and we work hard to maintain that) but oh boy have I spoken the ‘little web design business’ line to my clients? Many times! Its fear that stops us being properly paid for the excellent work we do. I suppose I’ve long realised that ‘value pricing’ is the way to go, but the implementation has eluded me…So this is where I start to apply some of your principles! Am I scared? Yep! Am i going to do it anyway. Yes, I actually will. Thank you for shining a light at the end of a very tricky tunnel!