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Welcome Dan Chirayath!

Casey Brown and Boost Pricing are thrilled to announce a seismic shift: we’ve hired Dan Chirayath to lead Boost into the future. Dan brings decades of experience in process excellence and world-class people management, which will allow Casey to lean into pricing thought leadership and content creation.

Don’t worry; Casey isn’t going anywhere.  She’s just delighted to step away from the details of of the training and consulting business to focus on creating more valuable content for clients!

Here’s what Casey had to say about it:

“I’m honored, happy, and proud to announce the new president of Boost Pricing, Dan Chirayath.  For the nearly 30 years I’ve known Dan, he’s shown his talent, integrity, skills, heart, work ethic, and determined spirit. His superb people leadership and process orientation will elevate our ability to serve clients with excellence. He shares our core values. Beyond all that, I like him, I trust him, and I admire him.  I’m beyond excited about what this change means for Boost Pricing, our team, our clients, and for me. For years, I’ve longed to spend more time on content creation, thought leadership, speaking, and writing in the area of my true business passion: pricing. Now I can.”