Casey Brown

Founder of Boost

Meet Casey

A pricing fanatic with a passion for people

Casey is on a mission to help organizations be paid well for their excellence.  She leads a team of experts who help organizations discover their true pricing power—and watch their profits rise as a result.

With degrees in Chemical Engineering, Spanish and Business and career experience in engineering, Six Sigma and pricing strategy for multiple Fortune 500 companies, Casey brings unmatched expertise to help clients.

Casey’s decades-long reputation as a pricing expert arose from pioneering innovative pricing content, formulating and executing pricing strategies, and coaching and training teams to drive culture change and dramatic, sustainable results.  Now she leads the team at Boost to help organizations price from confidence, negotiate with courage, and make better pricing decisions.

Casey is a prominent keynote speaker around the world, and she delivered a TEDx talk in 2015 with over 5 million views to date across multiple platforms.